Printed circuit boards are integral to several industrial and consumer electronic devices. They contribute to the functioning of these devices. Today, many industrial electronic applications demand precision, reliability, and quality, thus, it becomes important for them to seek services a trusted PCB assembly services provider like Creative Hi-Tech. We are one of the most popular PCB assembly services in Illinois and have a vast experience working on stringent requirements of various industrial applications. 


Aerospace and Satellite Industry


Industrial Electronic Products


Computer and Business Electronics Products


Medical Industry


Military Industry


Wireless Industry


Telecommunication Industry

We can provide PCB assembly services in custom specifications to meet your application requirements. 

The list of industries served by Creative Hi-Tech Ltd.

1. Aerospace and satellite industry: 

Aerospace and satellite industry demands printe d circuit boards that can withstand high temperatures and adverse conditions. Creative Hi-Tech serves the aerospace and satellite industry with PCB assemblies made in the USA. We offer flex PCBs, rigid PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, single-sided PCBs, multi-layer PCBs, and double-sided PCBs that are suited for complex aerospace electronics. We can provide these PCBs in materials and specifications to suit their requirements.

2. Medical industry:

The medical industry, like aerospace and satellite industry, also demands precision-designed PCBs. Clean PCB assemblies are another requirement in this industry. We have been meeting these requirements by providing lead-free PCB assemblies, product-oriented functionality testing, fine pitch, BGA, and micro BGA services along with reverse engineering.

3. Military industry:

Military-grade PCBs must withstand extreme conditions. They are used in devices such as space weapons, auxiliary power units, cross targeting systems, automatic jamming systems, missiles, and guided weapons, etc. At Creative Hi-Tech, we provide robust and highly durable PCB assemblies for military purposes.

4. Industrial electronic products:

We have been supporting the PCB needs of our customers for industrial electronics for several years now. Our vast PCB assembly capabilities coupled with our knowledge of industrial electronic requirements enable our customers in this industry efficiently. We have been designing PCBs for industrial electronic products such as amplifiers, analog meters, anemometers, battery systems, and so on.

5. Computer and business electronic products:

These industries demand PCBs with high reliability and lasting performance. At Creative-Hi Tech, we specialize in various PCB assemblies. We provide both prototyping and large volume production for a wide range of computer and business electronics applications.

6. Wireless industry:

Wireless industry requires compact-sized PCBs. So, we always design PCBs that support wireless devices such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, and so on.

7. Telecommunication industry: 

The telecommunication industry demands customized PCBs for use in both office environments to extreme environments outside. We provide customized PCBs that can be easily integrated with various telecommunication products.

At Creative Hi-Tech, we work with the sole focus of delivering the highest quality PCB assembly services in the USA. All PCB assembly and manufacturing is performed at our well-equipped facility in Illinois, which allows us to follow our commitment of providing 100% made in USA products. The increasing demand for PCB assemblies made in the USA has put us at the forefront of the revolution. If you wish to know more about our PCB assembly services in Illinois, please email your specifications to You can also contact us via phone at 224-653-4000.