BGA PCB Assembly

Ball Grid Array (BGA) assembly is a type of surface mount technology, which is used for integrated circuits. Creative Hi-tech Ltd. (CHTL) is one of the leading BGA assembly service providers in Illinois.

BGA Capabilities

Our capabilities in BGA assembly are as follows:
Types (based on size)

Micro BGAs (2mmX3mm) Large size BGAs (45 mm)

Types (based on material)

Ceramic BGAs Plastic BGAs

Minimum Pitch
0.4 mm

BGA soldering BGA rework BGA reballing

BGA Assembly Testing Procedure

The X-ray inspection method is widely used for testing BGA assembly. This helps identify various soldering defects like melting of balls holding connections, paste bridging, damaged connections, etc. Besides this, the X-ray support software is capable of calculating the gap size in the ball, to ensure that it follows the IPC Class II standard.

Our experienced technicians can use 2D X-rays for rendering 3D images. This helps to identify inner problems such as cold soldering of BGA balls, damaged Via’s in inner layers.

BGA Advantages

The ball grid assembly provides various advantages, and are becoming integral part of electronic circuits.

Industries Served

With the capabilities mentioned in the table above, it has helped us to serve a wide range of industries varying from:


The skilled technicians and engineers work with you to understand your product requirements and deliver a product that best suits your application requirements. We follow all the required industry standards such as:

You can contact us for any queries about our BGA Assembly services. Feel free to call us at 224.653.4000, or email at We will get back to you within one business day.

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