Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Cable and wire harness assemblies feature an assembly of wires, as well as cables that are used to transmit electrical power. Hence, these products are used in various industries and applications. These products are custom manufactured to meet requirements of the application. Creative Hi-Tech (CHTL) provides wiring harness and cable harnesses assembly services in Illinois

Cable and wire harness assembly services
Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Capabilities

Our clients can take advantage of our following cable and wire harness assembly capabilities. These abilities have helped us serve clients in diverse industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, and military, as well as computers and electronics.

Following are our PCB assembly capabilities:

General Capabilities
Flat Ribbons
Multi-Conductor Cables
Control Panels
Custom Cable Harnesses
Sub Cable Assemblies
Power Cables
Wire Harness Assemblies
Harness Features
Spiral Wrap
Cable Ties
Identification Wraps
Wire Types
Weatherproofing Wrapping
Connector Types
Crimping Terminals
Plug and Sockets
Ring and Spade
Energy Systems
Industrial Applications
Electronics Sports Equipment
Refrigerated System
Energy Systems
Medical Instrumentation
Alternative Van Upfitters
HVAC Controls
Product Volume
High Volume Production Runs
Low Volume/High Mix
File Formats
Altium Gerber
CAD Capabilities
Lead Times
Quoted as per the requirement
On Time Delivery
Industrial Standards
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
IPC-WHMA-A-610 Compliant
SBA certified
IPC-CC-830B Compliant

Testing and Inspection Services

Our comprehensive testing and inspection services allow us to maintain quality at every stage of production. Our experts follow a meticulous pattern right from production selection to delivery phase. This helps us maintain accuracy, and minimize production errors. Following are the highlights of our testing and inspection services:

  • Automated Optical Inspection: This is abbreviated as AOI, and is performed to ensure appropriate component placement.
  • X-Ray Inspection: This test is performed to inspect voids, wiring issues, and other issues that may affect the performance of a cable and wire harness assembly.
  • Manual Testing: This testing is always performed by experienced and expert PCB assemblers in our team, who can promptly detect component misalignment, and other soldering problems.

Beneficial Features of CHTL’s Wire Harness and Cable Harnesses Assembly Services

Customers can accrue a variety of benefits by availing our cable harness assembly services

  • Quality: Our high-speed and automated equipment allow us to fulfill simple to complex wire harness assembly requirements of our clients. All our products are manufactured in our ISO certified facility. Our wire and cable harness assemblies are built to IPC standards. We bank on our knowledge of materials, processes, and tooling to ensure our customers receive their harnesses at competitive prices.
  • Component Prices Assured: Our vendor and supplier agreements allow us provide low component pricing, and reduce production costs. With our advanced wire and cable processing equipment, we can provide cable and wire harnesses in any complex designs, and quantities.
  • Quick Turnaround Times: We quote lead times after thoroughly analyzing the complexity of a project. We ensure our commitments are met on or before quoted deadlines.
  • Build for Complex Environments: We use PVC or other plastic compounds to shield our cable and wire harnesses. These compounds help them withstand dirt, high temperature, moisture, etc.

We can provide standard and simple wiring harness assemblies, or custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies at shortest turnaround times. Call us at 224.653.4000, or email at Our expert will get in touch with you shortly!