Mixed Technology PCB Assembly

At Creative Hi-Tech, we strive to build complex mixed PCB assemblies for our clients in various industries. Our mixed technology PCB assembly services are designed for applications that demand surface mount and through-hole components. We specialize in double layer SMT mixed technology PCBs.

Our Mixed Technology Capabilities

We employ independent automated mixed technology assembly lines for PCBs. This allows us to provide complete PCB assemblies, and prototypes at short turnaround times. Our customers can benefit from our following capabilities:

Other Equipment Used

At Creative Hi-tech, we use various best-in-class equipment. This helps us provide performance oriented and high-quality PCBs. We believe the following equipment have helped us establish our footprint as one of the leading double sided SMT and mixed technology services in the USA.

Testing and Inspection Procedures at Creative Hi-Tech

We follow rigorous testing and inspection procedures, which allow us to ensure high accuracy of circuit boards:

Standards Conformance

We ensure that a PCB meets UL safety standards. We follow all the required industry standards such as:

Creative Hi- Tech also delivers RoHS PCB assembly and design services. To know more about mixed technology PCB assembly services or other PCB assemblies, feel free to call us at 224.653.4000, or email at sales@creativehitech.com. We will get back to you within one business day.

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