Testing and Inspection

Rigorous Testing and Inspection Procedures to Ensure High Quality PCB Products

Printed circuit board assembly is a complex process, and there are possibilities of defects occurring in the process. Faults in PCB assembly can include failures in SMT equipment to incorrect component placement.

Therefore, rigorous testing and inspection is crucial to ensure only the finest quality PCB products are delivered to the client.

Testing & Inspection for PCB Assembly at Creative Hi-Tech Ltd.

At Creative Hi-Tech Ltd. (CHTL), we employ multiple testing and inspection procedures to ensure best quality PCB assemblies are produced and delivered to the customer. We emphasize on effective quality control to avoid rework. This allows us to lower overall product costs and ensure efficient resource management.

Extensive testing and inspection procedures are implemented throughout the PCB assembly process to detect faults early on, ensuring high product quality and yield.

PCB Testing & Inspection

Our PCB Assembly Testing & Inspection Capabilities

Our extensive testing capabilities are suited for the most demanding PCB assembly requirements. We create apposite testing strategies according to the product design, component selection, and batch volume. Following are highlights of CHTL’s comprehensive testing capabilities:

  • In Circuit Testing (ICT) for high volume production lines.
  • Fixtured & fixtureless in circuit & functional testing.
  • Optical inspection & flying probe test with data logged results.
  • X-ray inspection for detecting voids, insufficient fills, and short circuits.
  • Burn-in tests to ensure the PCB products will perform well in real-life environments.
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to ensure the accuracy of component placement and soldering.
  • Manual testing using high power microscopes to check component misalignment, and solder deposition problems.

Equipment and Systems used for PCB Assembly Testing & Inspection

At CHTL, we use the most advanced testing and inspection equipment for PCB assembly consisting of:

  • Orbotech Symbion S36 System for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI). Its features include:
  • High first-pass yield
  • Multiple cameras with 3D image acquisition and processing
  • Automatic adaptability to product and component changeover
  • DPIX (Dimensional Picture Information Extraction) technology
  • GenRad 2283 & GenRad 2280S Board Testers for In Circuit Testing (ICT). Their features include:
  • Bed of nails with fixture
  • OpenExpress equipped
  • Boundary scan capable
  • Glen Brook RTX-113 X-Ray System. It offers the following features:
  • Glenbrook’s award-winning and patented X-ray camera technology
  • It generates high sensitivity images at high-resolution
  • It can reveal PCB defects as small as 0.001ʺ
  • Scienscope Vision Systems.It comprises a
  • 19ʺ camera system for generating large live images.
  • High Power Microscopes by
  • Mantis
  • Clearview
  • Vision Engineering

We can meet every requirement associated with PCB assembly and production processes with our comprehensive testing and inspection capabilities. If you have any queries about our PCB assembly and testing processes, feel free to contact us. You can call us at 224.653.4000, or send an email at sales@creativehitech.com. We will get back to you within one business