Quick Turn Network Switch PCB Assembly

Quick Turn Network Switch PCB Assembly

Networking organizations have to deal immense network traffic loads on a daily basis. They need to filter, aggregate direct, and monitor the traffic from multiple links. Organizations utilize data monitoring switches to ensure easy tool and traffic access.

As you can imagine, these switches require immense power and support to ensure traffic aggregation and monitoring. Specialized Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies can be used to support data access switches. Creative Hi-Tech Ltd. (CHTL) support networking organizations by providing standard and custom network switch printed circuit board assemblies.

Our Quick Turn Network Switch PCB Assembly Service Capabilities

We specialize in quick turn network switches PCB assembly services. We can design the PCB assembly to support data access switches with up to 24 ports. We recommend to our clients to have at least a 2 layer PCB with FR4 material. This will ensure that the PCB assembly can perform even with the enormous amount of heat that is created during the data monitoring process. Our PCB assemblies have the capability of supporting switched ports with speeds up to 100 Mbps. Our PCBA capabilities include:

  • SMT PCB technology
  • 7-mil Pitch, BGA, and MicroBGA
  • Lead-free soldering
  • Screen Printing
  • 1 to Five Days Quick Turn Prototyping

Benefits of Network Switch PCBA Services

Customers can accrue a variety of benefits by choosing our network switch PCBA services.

  • All of our SMT PCBs are compliant with RoHS regulations.
  • We provide comprehensive services, including design, prototyping, and inspection.
  • IPC compliant conformal coating and potting.
  • In circuit and functional testing.
  • Optical and flying probe tests with data logged results.
  • The assemblies are designed to be compatible with almost any operating system.
  • Designed for easy plug and play installation.

Applications of our Quick Turn Network Switch PCB Assemblies

Our network switch PCB assemblies can be used in a variety of computer and networking applications.

  • Network communication systems
  • Large Computer Networks
  • Network Servers
  • Web browsers with graphical interface
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) tools

At CHTL, we can take on custom orders comprising complex PCBA designs. We can create prototypes, and have them sent for delivery within 5 working days. We can also providing turnkey, consignment, and mixed PCB services. Please contact us to know more about our network switch PCBA services.